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Welcome to Kent ISD's Teaching and Learning Department, where we don't just embrace the future; we shape it. We're a dynamic ecosystem committed to fostering Excellence, Building Relationships, promoting Learning, championing Equity, providing Opportunities, embracing Innovation, and delivering outstanding Service and Partnerships.

Goal 1: Leading Student-Centered Programming and Educational Services

Aligned with Kent ISD's strategic plan, our mission is clear – to be leaders in student-centered programming and regional educational services. We're devoted to providing enhanced and equitable opportunities, enriching the experiences and achievements of our learners.

Unleashing Educational Champions

Our team at Kent ISD goes beyond traditional education roles – our members are leaders, influencers, and catalysts for positive change. Collaborating closely with Teachers, Instructional Coaches, Principals, Curriculum Directors, and Superintendents, we actively engage in various state and national initiatives. Through these partnerships, we gather district feedback and insights, ensuring their voices are heard and integrated into the broader educational landscape. Explore the impactful roles of our team members here.

Elevating Education and Our Commitment to Educators

Embark on a transformative journey through our diverse curriculum supports in:

Whether you're a seasoned teacher leader or a fresh face in the classroom, our commitment is unwavering. Tailored supports and services await, designed to fuel your success. Join us in this journey of educational elevation, where possibilities flourish!

Professional Learning - Transformative and Sustainable

Experience transformative and sustainable professional learning at Kent ISD. It's not just training; it's a holistic transformation. Envision a landscape where learning is continuous, personalized, and remarkably effective. The impact is so profound that our districts express:

"I am so grateful to be given this opportunity! I am trying to find a way to bring this to our teachers (along with the experience you provided!) Thank you!"

"Keep supporting us!"

"I am an administrator, so I am looking forward to supporting my team in this work next year. Our building focus is getting back to basics, particularly around communicating clear expectations. This PD will help significantly."

"I look forward to sharing much of the learning at beginning of the year PD and coaching the use of it throughout the school year."

Ready to elevate your professional journey? Explore our Professional Learning page and discover a variety of learning formats, including: microPD, podcasts, blogs, face-to-face sessions, webinars, networks, and in-district trainings. Join us in making a lasting impact!

News and Updates - Stay Informed, Stay Inspired

Stay in the loop with our latest happenings at Kent ISD! Subscribe to our blog, The Bulletin, and receive bi-monthly updates on educational insights, success stories, and innovative practices. Our blog posts go beyond mere updates; they are a treasure trove of success stories, innovative practices, and valuable insights. Explore these stories and more today. Stay informed, stay inspired!

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Research and Data - Grounded in Excellence

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond theory – it's grounded in research. Explore each of our curriculum sub-pages, where you'll find a wealth of research supporting the effectiveness of our programs. Delve into findings that underscore the importance of our initiatives and witness firsthand how our data reflects positive outcomes in our districts. Join us in pursuing educational excellence through thorough research, always striving for success.

Kelli Campbell

Director of Teaching & Learning

Madeleine Gimby

Administrative Assistant/SCECH Coordinator
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