Discover the Joy of Math Education with Kent ISD Math Team!

Kent ISD Math Team promotes joy, curiosity, clarity, and innovation in math education. Our relationship-based approach provides resources, professional learning, and customized opportunities to meet the specific needs of your district.

Boost Your Confidence in Math Skills

Our team of math experts and leaders can help you gain confidence in your math skills and develop a deep understanding of the material. We encourage you to take risks and embrace the learning process without fear of failure. This approach will help you better comprehend the subject matter and find joy in your work.

Collaborate to Achieve Your Goals

We foster collaborative partnerships between administrators, teachers, staff, and students willing to explore new ways of learning math. With the Kent ISD Math Team, everyone can work together to achieve their goals and unlock the joy of learning math!

Innovative Learning and Leadership

Our Math Team is dedicated to helping you discover new ways of learning math through evidence-based models, resources, and research. We strive to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone to try something new and take risks without feeling judged.


Math Services and Supports

The Kent ISD Math Team provides a range of services and supports to help your district unleash its full potential in mathematics. Our team of seasoned educators can assist you with everything from planning implementation to coordinating professional learning, ensuring that you can maximize the effectiveness of your math programs.

Math Professional Learning Opportunities

Our professional learning approach goes beyond traditional "sit-and-get" methods of PD. We offer collaborative opportunities for educators to connect, focus on relevant topics and experiment. Our goal is to support your growth by providing meaningful opportunities for professional conversations and activities. We strive to form a supportive network of educators to learn from each other and improve student outcomes through collaboration and reflection.


State Representation in Mathematic Education

The Kent ISD Math Team aims to be your district's voice in math education at the state level. We are proud representatives of your district in multiple organizations (i.e. Early Math Task Force, MAISA, and more). Your opinions matter to us, and we want to ensure that you have a say in important decisions regarding math education. We communicate your feedback to the affiliated organizations so that they can make improvements based on your input. Being a member of our community means we can keep you updated with the latest news and information regarding math education.

Math Updates and News

February 7, 2024
Guiding Sustainable Learning: Empowering Educators for Powerful Impact
“Powerful learning for children requires powerful learning for educators.”  -GELN Organizational Practices Values  Stop and...
November 10, 2023
How Immersive Storytelling Transforms Education, Reaches Reluctant Readers, and Enhances SEL
Written by: Du Bui, STEM Consultant for Kent ISD As a child, I never got into the Dungeons & Dragons craze. In fact, like many...

Learning Trajectories: Learn about the steps children typically take to learn math by exploring learning trajectories. Each topic is broken down into levels, or steps, children take on their path to being strong mathematicians.

Early Math Essentials: These Essentials seek to promote high-quality, equitable teaching and learning for children in the discipline of mathematics. Research suggests that these eight practices have a significant potential to positively affect children's learning of mathematics. The long-term goal is that this document will prompt shifts in systems, learning, teaching, and assessment so that teach and every child develops strong mathematical understanding, skills, dispositions and identities.

Disciplinary Literacy Essentials: Expert research suggests that 10 sets of practices outlined in this document can have a positive impact on both literacy development and conceptual learning of content. The consistent use of these practices in every Michigan classroom can make a measurable, positive difference in student learning and improve the state's literacy achievement.

NCTM Position StatementsNCTM position statements define a particular problem, issue, or need and describe its relevance to mathematics education. These statements address important and timely policy issues relevant to mathematics education. They rest on the foundation provided by Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, Principles to Actions and research, and address issues that extend beyond the classroom.

Achieve the Core: Find the connections between the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

2022-2023 Math Professional Learning Fast Facts

166 Educators Attended 4 Virtual and In-person Mathematics Professional Learning Opportunities
19 Districts and PSA's in Kent County, and Educators from 7 Additional Counties in Michigan Participated in Math Professional Learning
2,498.5 SCECHs Earned by 124 Educators
3,162 Hours of Training

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